Cheryl King's little phote site

Aloha, and welcome to ~C~'s Little Photo Site
(which is really all about showcasing some pretty parts of our planet to help protect it)!

Cheryl "Sandy" King lives up to her nickname - everything she does revolves around the ocean realm and she truly is living her dream. She moved to Maui in 1999 and, with a lot of help from her friends, has worked tirelessly protecting the beautiful Hawaiian ocean environment and its inhabitants. Beyond being a scientific researcher, she has discovered her creative side and has become an artist, film producer, and as you'll see here, a photographer. Admittedly, it's tough to take a bad picture in Hawai'i or any of these beautiful locations, and Cheryl feels extremely fortunate to have been able to have such fun, amazing experiences that these photographs capture. Hopefully they will capture your interest in these species and inspire you to join the blue conservation movement. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Hey, please pick up your rubbish this stuff is dangerous to us.

Wherever you are on our planet, just dive in and get involved with making our world a better place because you can make a difference!

Mahalo nui loa!


SHARKASTICS are what I've termed plastics that have obvious bite marks (jagged serrations and/or punctures).

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